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Unlock Potentials, Transform Futures

Learn with Maya stands at the intersection of innovation and education, offering personalized learning journeys that transform students into lifelong learners and leaders. 

Learn With Maya

I am Maya Divakar

Academic advisor, pedagogical expert and author.

With over two decades of experience, I have developed a deep understanding of the issues and challenges that schools and educators face today. I have worked with educators and school leaders at all levels and am constantly expanding my knowledge and expertise in the field. Whether you are looking for advice on transforming your school or organization, building strong leadership skills, or improving teaching practices, I am here to help. Together, we can create a better future for our schools and students.

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Maya offers a project development service that crafts and implements tailored educational initiatives, including custom curriculums and innovative learning projects, to enhance teaching and student outcomes. She collaborates closely with schools to ensure these projects align with their goals and effectively improve learning environments.

School Transformation Projects

By integrating strategic consultation with innovative school improvement plans, tailor made services  are provided to align with the unique goals of each institution. 

Teacher Professional Development

Comprehensive training programs are meticulously designed to empower teachers with innovative teaching techniques and effective classroom management strategies.

Customized Learning Materials

Crafting learning materials that  not only meets educational standards but is also customised to the distinct objectives of each educational institution.

Clients and Partners

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