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Our Offerings

Providing Everything You Need to build a better future of education.

Our comprehensive educational transformation services significantly enhance learning environments by merging strategic consulting with innovative improvement plans tailored to each school's goals. We specialise in updating teaching methods and providing extensive teacher training, enabling the adoption of advanced educational practices.
Through our guidance, schools undergo a complete makeover, enriching curriculums with engaging content and integrating digital resources to support traditional teaching methods. This approach not only raises academic standards but also creates a nurturing environment that prepares students for future challenges.
The benefits are clear: schools become leaders in education, marked by a commitment to excellence and innovation. Our services lead to environments where teachers are empowered, students are engaged, and learning outcomes are significantly improved, positioning educational institutions at the forefront of educational excellence and equipping students for lifelong success.


Complete School Development

In Complete School Development, I lead transformative initiatives focused on enhancing strategic planning, leadership, professional development, and curriculum development, underscored by data analytics. My collaborative work with school leaders and educators has notably advanced institutions like the B.E.S.T Group of Schools in KSA & UAE and the Brindavan Group of Schools. These projects showcase a commitment to elevating educational standards and preparing schools for future challenges through comprehensive, innovative strategies.

Academic Consultant

As an accomplished education consultant with a wealth of experience, I'm dedicated to helping students achieve their full potential. My professional journey has taken me from
Bridgeway Group in Saudi Arabia and UAE
to Veranda Learning and The Wonder
School, where my focus has always been on academic policies, best practices, and new school setups. I bring a unique blend of experience and knowledge to every project I undertake, driven by the desire to build strong foundations for student success and elevate educational standards. Get in touch today to learn how I can help you achieve your educational goals.


Academic Content Writer

Partnered with the biggest names in the education industry, Learn With Maya has become a leading education consultancy that caters to the needs of every student. Our team of experts is dedicated to making learning a fun and engaging process, that allows students to be independent and creative problem-solvers. We believe that the curriculum structure needs to be constantly updated to fit the current generation, and our innovative learning solutions reflect that. Our courses cover a broad range of subjects, ensuring that each student can find the right program to suit their interests.

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